Van fleet insurance

It’s no secret that transit van insurance is something that’s quite expensive. It’s nearly always the biggest long term expense for van drivers and it’s hard to avoid these large costs. But the truth is that they can be lowered. The way to lower them is to know exactly why they are so high in the first place. Age … [Read More...]

Choosing the right hotel and B&B insurance

Sometimes being accommodating is just not enough to keep customers happy – and that’s when hotel and B&B insurance comes in handy.

Having someone stay on your premises can present a whole range of risks that could end up in a claim for compensation.

Hotel and B&B insurance offers a menu of core cover plus add-ons that can be tailored to suit the smallest B&B to a large hotel including liability, business interruption, buildings, contents and vehicle cover.


Public liability insurance protects against guests claiming for sickness or injury from a range of incidents, like falling ill from something they have eaten, or for slips and trips on the premises.

By law, hotels and B&Bs must have employer liability insurance that offers the same cover to employees as public liability insurance gives to guests.

Business interruption

Business interruption pays out likely profits lost when a hotel or B&B is forcibly closed for business – for instance, after a fire, flood or a break-in.

Buildings insurance

Only building owners should take out this cover. If the hotel or B&B is rented, this is the landlord’s responsibility.

Add-ons to standard buildings cover can include:

  • Accidental damage to fixed      glass  – This looks after the cost      of boarding up and replacing windows, frames and doors

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Contents insurance

Contents covers stock, computers, business records, machinery and equipment a hotel or B&B needs to operate. This cover is the responsibility of the trader not the freeholder if the hotel or B&B is rented.

Add-ons to standard contents insurance can include:

  • Money cover – Compensation      for stolen cash, stamps, cheques or postal orders
  • Stolen key replacement –      Pays for new locks and keys to secure the building from burglars


Some hotel or B&Bs have vehicles to taxi guests around or vans to collect goods from suppliers, like cash-and-carries. These vehicles all need business insurance, even if the B&B owner uses their own car.