Buying courier van insurance

Finding cheap courier van insurance can sometimes seem like a pointless effort as insurers do not believe professional drivers are less likely to have accidents.

They have a simple equation: More time on the road = More accidents.

Some insurers have realised the opposite view for courier van insurance can pay dividends.

Professional drivers gain experience on the road and their standard of driving improves.

Also, in the back of their mind is the thought that having an accident means time off the road and earning less money, which makes them take less risks and drive more cautiously.

Don’t opt for the cheapest quote without reading the terms and conditions and comparing the cover against other

What is courier van insurance?

The cover is customised to the courier van driver’s business. This can be a national fleet, or a single, self-employed driver.

Courier van insurance looks after the added extras that standard van insurance leaves out, like goods in transit – but the policy may have some restrictions on the value and type of goods carried.

Courier van insurance is an upgrade that covers carrying goods for customers for ‘hire or reward’ and is not designed as cover for a business that uses a van to pick up stock and make deliveries.

Courier van insurance checklist

Here are some points to consider about courier van insurance besides standard vehicle cover and goods in transit protection –


  • Emergency van replacement to keep you on the road and your business ticking over
  • Employee liability cover for any personal injury claims from drivers or other employees
  • Public liability insurance to look after any claims from customers or other road users
  • Legal expenses cover – Check this is not already included in public liability cover
  • Breakdown cover – To keep your van on the road
  • European cover – If you make deliveries outside the UK
  • Warehouse cover – Insurers may want your cargo out of the vehicle and in safe storage overnight, so the building will need cover to safeguard your customers’ goods

Other add-on options are also offered by some courier van insurance companies, like windscreen cover and no-claims discount protection.

Buying courier van insurance

Before searching for courier van cover, go through the checklist and prioritise the cover the business needs.

If employing drivers, think about keeping the cost of a policy down by including named drivers or having a general policy for any driver.

 Naming drivers often works better, as extra drivers can be added if someone is needed for a specific job or holiday cover rather than paying for annual cover that may never be used.