Why Can Transit Van Insurance be so Costly?

It’s no secret that transit van insurance is something that’s quite expensive. It’s nearly always the biggest long term expense for van drivers and it’s hard to avoid these large costs. But the truth is that they can be lowered. The way to lower them is to know exactly why they are so high in the first place.

Age Checks

Countless studies have demonstrated that the age groups that have the highest number of accidents are those under 25 and those who are over the age of 60. Drivers who are in either of these age groups can expect large insurance costs as insurers take these studies very seriously and won’t take risks on individual drivers. It might be unfair on the good drivers out there, but that’s how the insurance industry works.

Value of the Van

One thing that really raises the level of transit van insurance is the value of the van. If the van is expensive and has lots of customised parts on it then the value of the van will be quite high. This means that the insurance company will have to pay out a lot of money if anything happens to it. To reflect this it’s necessary to increase the insurance premiums. The best way to get low insurance costs is to just get a cheap van.

Where the Van Is

If the van is stored in a company storage facility with security guards and lots of locks and codes then this lowers the risk in the eyes of an insurance company. If it has less chance of being stolen then the insurance premiums will go down as its common knowledge that thieves aren’t interested in stealing high-security items. They want to steal the easiest thing possible.


The history of the driver is key to the pricing of the premiums. If the driver has a history of crashing their van then the chances are they’re going to do it again. This means that the insurance company will raise the premiums to cover this increased level of risk. Whereas if the driver has a flawless history then the premiums will go down as there’s not much of a chance of something terrible happening to the van.

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